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June 21, 2019

2 min read


June 21, 2019

2 min read

The 5th every year is set aside to celebrate WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY. The importance of a clean environment is the sustainability of human society cannot be over emphasized. Our environment is our heritage that God almighty has given to us. The environment we are living needs to be protected to ensure a healthy and peaceful life.


This year’s 2019 WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY with the theme ‘’AIR POLLUTION’’ is very much appropriate especially at this time when pollution has almost taken over our entire environment no doubt air pollution is a source of worry to both individuals, cooperate bodies and governments.


Today our environment is no longer safe as a result of gas flaring, illegal bunkering/refineries (kpofire), toxic/chemical waste and bush burning which had been released into the air.


Sadly the release of this toxic/chemical waste materials contributes in no small measure severe environmental health problems and other related hazards such as cancer, body irritation,  severe cough, climate change, black sots, greenhouse effect etc.


We the ASSOCIATION OF WATERWAYS AMBASSADORS OF NIGERIA, AWAN as an advocate of waterways call on all stakeholders operating and doing businesses in the water ways to apply cautions by bringing to an end gas flaring, illegal bunkering, use of explosive (dynamite) to destroy adequate life  in the rivers and ensure that our water ways are safe.


As an association we further call on the governments at all levels – LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL to initiate bill that will stop gas flaring and on daily basis. We condemn unnecessary dumping of human/chemical waste on our creeks, canals, rivers, lakes and oceans.


AWAN will collaborate with the government and the relevant agencies to wage war against air pollution and other environmental hazards especially in our water ways.






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