Promoting the development of the NIgerian waterways
Since 2018

The Association of Waterways Ambassadors of Nigeria AWAN is the national advocate for promoting and supporting the development of Nigeria waterways which serves the nation as the most economical mode of sustaining the nation.



is to represent the people who own or operate in the waterways, e.g. ocean, rivers, coasts, canals and Lakes of Nigeria. As the leading voice on domestic maritime issues, AWAN promotes the industry’s value to the nation as a driver of the nation economy that provides family-wage jobs and moves the nation’s freight safely while reducing air and water pollution, relieving traffic congestion, protecting homeland security, maintenance, recreation and restoration of the waterways.


  • To promote and support the use, conservation, recreation and maintenance of the waterways in Nigeria.
  • To raise awareness of the benefit of using waterways for a wider range of activity.
  • To improve and promote inland water transport, cruising, towpath walking, power supply as well as appreciation of waterways architectural and landscape values.
  • To collaborate with the government and other organizations whose aims and objective involves the development and management of waterways in Nigeria.


  • Lead and support AWAN members in continuously improving safety, security and environmental stewardship.
  • Promote water born operation and the manufacturers of water born operation equipment industries with the nation national assembly and advocate for sound legislation and public policy.
  • Promote the State and Federal agencies and advocate for sound regulatory policies in the waterways.
  • Influence regional, state and local initiatives that broadly affect industry interests.
  • Promote positive awareness of the good of waterways business industry.
  • Increase AWAN member connectivity and engagement with the association to solve problems and support industry priorities.
  • Govern and manage the association effectively, efficiently, and sustainably.

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